Another Shade of Green- Collected Writings of Richard Hunt



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Another Shade of Green- Collected Writings of Richard Hunt: Troy Southgate
Richard Hunt was one of the most important and original Anarchist thinkers of the late-twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. Having begun his political journey in Green Anarchist circles, Hunt later established Alternative Green magazine in the early-1990s. His concise analysis of the relationship between the periphery and the core, as well as his reasons behind the ongoing scandal of Third World starvation and poverty in general, led to him breaking the stranglehold of the authoritarian Left and engaging in meaningful dialogue with elements of the so-called Far Right.

Hunt, who was always a very honest and open-minded individual, refused to be taken in by the accusations of ’fascism’ that greeted anyone brave enough to co-operate with those decentralists who did not come from a typical Left-wing background and his collaboration with the National Revolutionary Faction (NRF) in the staging of the highly-successful Anarchist Heretics Fair in Brighton, during May 2000, led to him being demonised by the ironically-named ’anti-fascists’ of Searchlight magazine and other neo-totalitarian drones on the Left. This was a ground-breaking victory in the attempt to create a convergence of like-minds and Hunt’s ideas had a massive impact on the emergence of National-Anarchism.

Despite the fact that he had no interest in racial separatism, Hunt was a true Anarchist and realised that the differences between himself and his friends in National-Anarchism were fairly minimal and that together they could become a force to be reckoned with. This book is a way of reminding people about the ideological impact that Richard Hunt has had on its development and, although his death in 2012 was a great loss, perhaps he is looking down on us from some great ethereal realm – green, of course – safe in the knowledge that his political, social and economic ideas are now receiving the attention that they deserve.


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