Catholic & identitarian

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Catholic & identitarian: Julien Langella
Is Christianity the natural enemy of identitarianism? Has it contributed to the liberalization of our societies and to the mass immigration which is so quickly altering our social make-up and changing the face of our nations? What can Christianity, past or present, offer us at this unprecedented historical moment of political and social change?

Catholic and Identitarian seeks to answer these questions from a traditionalist Catholic perspective. Arguing that Christianity, and Catholicism in particular, far from being an enemy to identitarianism, actually forms the necessary underpinning for true European identitarianism, this book demonstrates that the teachings and traditions of the Church have always respected ethnic and national borders and protected the integrity of authentic human roots. At once a vindication of the Church against the misinterpretations and misrepresentations of left and right alike, and a stirring call to defend our European heritage from the forces that would destroy it, Catholic and Identitarian reminds us of the basic truth that “to fight is to love.”
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