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Collected speeches



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Collected speeches: Kai Murros

”There is nothing more beautiful in this world than the idealism and fanaticism of the young people when they, in quest for truth, surpass their own parents in resolve and determination, when they demand from themselves much more than their parents ever did, and when their ultimate sacrifice puts us all to shame.” Author, speaker, and revolutionary theorist, Kai Murros is renowned for his visionary idealism, inspiring speeches, and cutting analysis of the problems of our time. His Master’s thesis, published through the University of Helsinki, detailed the gradual changes the Chinese People’s Liberation Army went through in its transformation from a guerrilla organization to the governors of a mono-party state. Later, he published the book Revolution: And How to Do It in a Modern Society, which won him significant notoriety in the growing nationalist sphere. A natural recluse, Kai Murros has nevertheless maintained an active involvement with Pan-Europeanist causes, making speeches in several languages and in multiple countries – the 12 for which records survive are collected in this book. Analytical and inspiring, Kai Murros: Collected Speeches is a must-have for anyone who wishes to navigate the inescapably relevant historical forces he studies.”


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