Original European religions: The celtic gods

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Original European religions: The celtic gods: Charles Squire, J.A. Macculloch
The Celtic religion is possibly one of the most suppressed pre-Christian belief systems of Western Europe. Starting with a racial definition of the Celtic people, this work explores the gods of Celtic France, Britain and Ireland before moving on to a full and highly satisfying review of the major Celtic myths and legends. Read here of the heroism and struggle of Celtic legends such as Cúchulainn, Finn and the Fenians, and the real origins of “King” Arthur.

This valuable work also discusses in full many of the controversial aspects of Celtic religion, and reveals the truth about Druids and allegations of Celtic human sacrifice—showing the latter to be unsubstantiated anti-Celtic Roman propaganda.

Finally, this book shows how many aspects of Celtic religion have survived into the present-day, and still forms a vital and living part of European culture. A highly recommended and readable overview. Fully indexed.

These volumes, Original European Religions, are a vital resource for any European person seeking to learn about their real cultural heritage, roots and belief systems of their ancestors which existed before the intrusion of Christianity.
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