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The Aryan race



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The Aryan race: Its origins and achievement: Charles Morris

By Charles Morris. A beautifully-written cultural history of the Indo-European peoples. The author, a classical scholar, defines “Aryan” as a “linguistic race” spanning the areas occupied by the great Indo-European invasion, reaching from India to Ireland, and proceeds to analyze all aspects of the cultures across this vast region. Along the way, he proves that the broad family of Indo-European language speakers had a common origin at some distant point in the past.

It includes an overview of the development of ancient Indo-European households, farming arrangements, legal systems, culture, religion, language and political development.

Read of the tales from the Rig-Vedas, their similarity to the Greek and Roman myths, and the parallels with the Norse Edda and even Cúchulainn in Ireland. It is a treasure-trove of facts, myths and storytelling which reflects the collective genius of the Indo-European people across the centuries.

The last chapter is a prognosis of future racial development. Written in a time of unparalleled European supremacy over the world, the author’s predictions have been completely reversed by events, but even in the confidence of his claims, is a lesson well worth learning: the futility of “white supremacy” and the understanding that the only path to racial preservation lies in physical geographical separation, not white rule over other races.


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