The fable of the ducks and the hens



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The fable of the ducks and the hens: George Lincoln Rockwell

This ’fable’ tells how the naive ducks had their happy lives wrecked by an influx of pushy, scheming hens. Children and adults alike will enjoy listening to this story of an endless struggle between kindly, hardworking, brave but rather naïve DUCKS and pushy, scheming, greedy, power-mad HENS. This (at first glance) simple story will reveal, at each re-reading, further layers of meaning to those whose minds have not been conditioned by the ’politically correct’ outpourings of the current education system and mass media. Our tale is set in the distant past – ”when animals could speak” – but could it take place in the future? Indeed, are we blind to the possibility that it is taking place NOW, before our very eyes…?

The print version of the story is superbly illustrated by over forty full-colour illustrations. The reader’s enjoyment is enhanced by enchanting full-colour illustrations – 42 in all – which capture with poignancy and wit every incident as the saga unfolds.



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