No surrender



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No surrender: A field manual for creating work with heart: Paul Waggener

”In this short, sharp book, I haven’t held back anything- this is all the advice I would give a friend who was sitting in the room with me asking me about creating and maintaining either a brand, a business, or a life lived all the way to the hilt. From changing our perspectives on cash and currency to making a lean and mean comeback after experiencing intense burnout or lack of direction, it’s all here in one fiery onslaught. This book is specifically written for creatives, artists, small business owners, musicians, and any other rebels who are looking to steer their own ship with no other hands on the rudder. In it, I outline strategies and principles that have kept me on the path and creating what I call “Work With Heart.” I think those of you who have enjoyed my other work will find a great deal of value in this.”


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