The Perversion of normality



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The Perversion of normality: Kerry Bolton

In The Perversion of Normality, with full and reliable documentation, Kerry Bolton examines the anti-life character of the ‘progressive’ era. While arising from an historical process, certain movements and ideologies have been deliberately constructed to take advantage of the West’s social decay to create a brave new world. Some people flourish amidst decay, and among those are a global oligarchy and the dysfunctional types the former promotes in the name of ‘human rights’, ‘social justice’, and ‘equality’. The main obstacles to their ‘new world order’ are what they call the ‘primary ties’: the traditional family bond, faith, homeland, culture and ethnicity. In order to eliminate these, there is a well-financed assault, using feminism, identity politics, transgenderism, population control, sexology, ‘human relations training’, ad infinitum. Of particular service have been the social sciences, including what is called ‘Cultural Marxism’.

Turning normality on its head, what was until recently regarded as aberrant is now the ‘new normal’. The final aim is to create a one-world state populated by ‘transhuman’, ‘postgender’ cybernetic drones in a scenario reminiscent of the most bizarre science-fiction film.


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