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Tradition & Revolution: Troy Southgate

For twenty-five years, Troy Southgate has been a leading figure in radical politics, and he is currently one of the leading exponents of the English New Right. This anthology is a selection of his best essays, interviews, stories and poems. Through an analysis of both historical and contemporary events, he calls for an abandonment of the traditional Left/Right dichotomy and the creation of autonomous communities outside the prevailing order which can uphold and preserve traditional values. Also offered are Troy’s practical suggestions for how this might be put into practice, as well as his in-depth analysis of Julius Evola’s Men Among the Ruins, which originally appeared in the Russian Pravda Online. This book has much to offer everyone of a revolutionary disposition. ‘Troy’s ideals are for power to return to local communities and their chosen leaders, firmly rooted in time-tested principles of honour, labour and responsibility. From this vantage point, it is clear that it is the forces of international capitalism which are the true heirs of the totalitarian movements, and not those such as Troy who are merely seeking a secure island upon which to ride out the coming deluge when it all falls apart… Therefore, one who wants to become active in the arena of radical politics owes it to himself to become familiar with Troy’s writings. In doing so, he will avoid many of the problems and pitfalls that plague all would-be radical movements.’ –John Morgan, from the Introduction


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