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A Europe of nations: Markus Willinger

A new millennium has begun: the millennium of great political blocs. Whether it is America against China, Shi’ite Iran against the Sunni world, or Russia against the West, global superpowers are locking horns, seeking to spread or defend their cultures. Amid this clash of titans, today’s Europe is disunited. Self-titled ‘good Europeans’ all too often lay the blame for this on the nation-states, while the latter fight back against the further centralisation of the European Union and block the eurocrats’ plans for a continent-wide central government.

In A Europe of Nations, Markus Willinger reveals these eurocrats’ myopia and lack of creativity. He contends that a European state is neither possible nor desirable in light of Europe’s cultural, linguistic and economic diversity. Instead of adopting governance models from abroad, Europeans must discover a form of coexistence as unique as the continent itself. The European Union is, according to Willinger, a failed model that divides rather than unites. It must be dissolved as soon as possible and replaced by a confederation of free nations.

In its 32 chapters, Willinger explains how such a Europe might be structured, and how it would function differently than today’s Union or a centralized continental state. Yet this book is no dry analysis — every word of each sentence is a passionate testament to Willinger’s vision of the real Europe. Willinger doesn’t mince words in this no-holds-barred critique of eurocrats and their political failures.

Markus Willinger, born in 1992, studied Political Science and History. His widely-praised identitarian political manifesto, Generation Identity, was published by Arktos in 2013, and has subsequently been translated into many languages.


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